‘Twas a Time Before Christmas

When the year was so young,
Implementing plans for your business
A new year had begun.

Our goals all laid out for employees to share
in the hope that more revenue, soon would be there.

But this was the year, we want to forget
As optimism and hopes soon turned into fret.
Because from the news and sky we soon learned
Feeling battered and despaired as the country just burned.

The volunteers, they came from all walks of life,
to help those in need and others in strife.
To help, they did, without need for applause,
as they battled what seemed like a sequence of wars.

Businesses were suffering a terrible fate
Even now, it was clear, they had too much on their plate.
If that’s not enough, we had scratches and blood
And in January ‘Huey’ hit us with the floods.

“For Pete’s sake will you stop being a jerk?”
All he did was look down with a smile and a smirk
“Well, if you think Fires and floods may seem pretty mean”
“Here, cop this”, he said, “It’s called Covid-19”

For month’s now it has been a real battle,
with lock-outs and shut-downs testing our metal.
Working from home has been the new go,
and job-keeper helping to shore-up cash flow.

For most us, we have waved the BNI flag
To give and to gain, even a referral to jag.
Zoom came and went to fill up the space,
but its great to see you now, we are all face to face.

Business has moved on to what is called a new norm.
Doors open, crowds gather, and cash registers are warm.
Most have survived, and some enjoyed good luck,
Where others soldiered through and couldn’t give a (thought about it because it didn’t impact them)

The rain we’ve just had is clearly a sign
as fires, floods and a virus now seeming benign
The year that we know is almost complete
With 2021 upon us, already looking so sweet.

I’ve run out of time, so let the part tell the whole,
as Santa fills his sleigh, even he’s is off the dole
Enjoy your Christmas break and I wish you great cheer.
Bye for now and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Stuart Goodfellow

‘Twas a Time Before Christmas